Finding "The Spot"...and gigging with daddy

finding the “Spot”…my tracking device refers to what i did for 20 minutes before I ran out the door to go gigging with daddy last night…lol…you ever put something somewhere and know you saw it recently but cant remember where?? Well I knew I had put it nearby and searched and searched…was just about to give up and went to grab my shoes and .“voila”…there it was…right where it should be…in my shoes I wore last time I went out in the boat…:flushed:…yep…getting a little senile…

So head off to daddy’s despite the forecast saying it might be a little windy…(little being the key word…was blowing a gale)…we havent been in a while and wanted to go…and what a adventure it was…:smiley:

We get to the dock and old faithful…daddys old 40 johnson on the Mckee,that ALWAYs cranks on the 1st or 2nd pull…doesnt…and not on #3,4,5,6…daddy says…looks like we arent going anywhere:frowning_face:…“one more try I say”…I go to the motor…say a little please.please.please…pull the handle and it roars into life…even shot out a cloud of white smoke in apology to scare of the skeeters that had been attacking us :smiley:…and off we go!!!..moolight reflecting on the water…and unfortunately the wind blowing strong in our faces…as we tried to pretend it was because we were going SO fast:wink:…but unfotunately that wasnt the case.
First two creeks…muddy water…so muddy in fact I told daddy that the only thing we could see in it was marshmellows if we tossed some in 'cause it sure looked like hot me:smiley:…finally found a creek where we could see a little bottom in places…saw lots of crabs scurring away and shrimp eyes peering up at us between the oysters…probablly ticked because we were giving away their hiding places:wink:…but no flatties… some little mullet and needle nose fish followed along…and we did see some little sheephead.
So we’re pushing along and all of a sudden my gig pole feels weird…[:0]…and as I lift and look at it I realize…“holy shmolly”!!! I’ve lost my “Capt. Ed” gig h

Great post pen,I wish my dad was still here!!!

mickey fuller

thank you Penny. made my day

Great pics!!


Thanks for the post! Another good one.:wink:

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Excellent and well written post. Thanks for sharing it. Those are the trips you remember.

you should be a writer! That was great, Thanks.

Thanks for sharing! Nice to see lots of little shrimp!!!

How fortunate you are that you get to go with your Dad on so many
adventures and fortunate that we get the benefit of your reports.
I was able to go gigging with my 19 year old last week on a good
night and we had a blast just being together. Managed 6 keepers.
Keep those reports and recipes coming!

thanks ya’ll…and thank you too for putting up with my endless tales :)…I will have to tell you though…you know that scene in jaws where the shark blow sinto a zillion pieces and rains down around them???..well i was really afraid that that was going to happen to us as I saw daddys boat heading for that big chunk of stink!!!lol

miss’n fish’n

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I’m glad we can’t post a smell. Peeu.

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nice post and pics pen.i always look forward to your post to see what pics you have to show.

Pin don’t know if you write for anything other than this blog but you should. Man I wish I could put words together like that.GREAT POST MAN ! I hope you and your dad have many great trips ahead. lol The critter