First inland trip - need advice

Hi All,
My dad, my son, and I are planning to brave the traffic and try our luck at Murrells Inlet on Thursday. Other than with a guide leaving out of MI, I’ve never been there. I also haven’t done much saltwater fishing in general so I was hoping to get some advice.
We have some gulp baits and thought about picking up some shrimp/squid. I have a castnet and would like to try to catch some live bait. If anyone would give me some pointers on where to go and what to look for, it is much appreciated! Should we have any other bait on hand than listed above?
As for how to fish inland, I’ve been doing my homework here and think I have a good idea on rigs to try. Popping cork with a small circle hook for live bait and a jighead for the gulp plastics are gonna be my goto. Any other setups I should try?
Now, the big question. Where to fish? I have a 2072 jon boat w/trolling motor and can get in pretty skinny water. Should we head inland from the public ramp or would we be better off fishing back towards the jetties? We plan to get out there early and the tide will be rising. Should we be around creek intersections, clam beds, docks? I’m really clueless here.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Troll mud minnows on three way swivels with teardrop 1/2 oz and kale hooks.
Flounder bites pretty strong in mi right now.
Point across from marlin quay and creek mouth north of marlin quay hold a decent amount of flounder around high tide and falling.
Casting popping corks near oyster beds and creek mouths could produce some reds, blues and occasional trout.
Good luck!

Thanks Whisperer!

2072 Tracker Grizzly w/75 Merc

Hard for me to believe that your inquiry didn’t get any more response than it did. I’d like to believe that it was a timing issue. Surely, there are more helpful folks out there who’ll share some basic info with you. Keep the faith.

Harold Wilcox

Hi Harold,
Thanks for the encouragement. We went down on the fourth and gave it a good try. I caught some mud minnows with my cast net and we fished from the jetties back to the landing. We ended up with a 17" flounder, a short, and a 14" trout. It was a little slow on the action for my 11 year old son but at least we didn’t leave empty handed.

I did learn one thing, DON’T go to Murrells on the 4th to fish! They have a boat parade and we ended up in the middle of it. My camo john boat clashed with all of those dressed up boats.

We are going to try to go back soon so any info shared is appreciated!


2072 Tracker Grizzly w/75 Merc

I’m not much help in that area but will be learning how to fish it myself soon as I have a place to stay near there so I may as well give the fishing a try!

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If you think the fourth is bad try going during the spot run! Like a Clemson game so many boats.