First Kayak red....

I’m definitely hooked now!!! Bought a yak on thursday and caught first fish on Friday!

That dude pulled me around for probably 10-15 minutes and got me all wound up in my other line that was out…pretty freakin awesome!

Well you got one hell of a fish for the first one! Congrats!!

WS Ride 135

Nice fish

here’s your pic

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?

NICE!!! How do you like the Ascend? I bought one late spring and get it out about 2 times a week. Could not be happier with it.

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Awesome man! Still got the plastic on the rod, CLASSIC!!!

Fish On!

So far the ascend is great…first kayak too so can’t speak from experience but I like it. Yeah I’ve had that rod a while but only been minimally used. I hope to wear that wrapping off soon though. I caught that fish in a saltwater pond in my neighborhood but I’m really wanting to tour the marshes and fish some so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Congrats on your first red!

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Very Nice first red. Welcome to the addiction. On a side note… that cork on that rod is probably one of the most ex*****e parts of that rod… ALWAYS take that plastic off cork or it will get moisture stuck on it and rot right off the rod… i see it every day when people bring a rod in to get re-corked and when they find out what it costs they wish they woulda :wink:

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