First King

Went out Saturday morning with my buddies and we decided to try for some kings since we were entered into the tourney. Hit the ramp about 630 bait by 7. We’re planning to hit the 60 but decided instead to try going out the shipping channel. Got out and one of my buddies was about to start chummin’ over the rail, we almost turned around but decided to throw out a haden and slow troll since we were already out there. Two min later hooked up with a 3 lb spanish…Not goin home now. Ten min later we hooked up with a 5.2lb spanish, which my buddy gets to the boat,threw him in the fishbox for the weigh in. About 30 min later I’m tying up another rig when my my buddy turns around and says those words we all love to hear, “FISH ON!” So I grab the rod and it’s game on!! Fought him for a few and he was jumping and putting on quite a show. Got him up to the boat and put a gaff in him. 22.58lbs. Brought him in to the weigh in and turns out we ended up with the 3rd place king and 2nd place Spanish. We didn’t even care it was our FIRST KING! and one of my bigger fishes to date. Now we’re hooked. Most definitely one of my best days on the water…so far…it only gets better and better every time.

Nice fish, you are hooked now:smiley:

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nice fish! just a little heads up… if that king was jumping after the inital hook up you are running your drags way to tight. those live bait hooks pull out easy with a tight drag. try running about 4 lbs. of drag and watch that kingfish smoke it down!

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what he said


Those are some nice sized spanish.
Congrats on your king also.

congrgulations! i love how fast those kings are

Way to go, new entry into the "I am hooked on King’s club !!