First OTF for 2011 + Record Flats trip (20 mins.)

Due to a bum shoulder for most of 2010, I stuck with a spinning rod for most flats trips last year. This year, it was time to make the change and hang up the spinnin gear. After Tuesday night going 0 for 3 on some perfect tailers, I questioned my decision as I just like to catch those bastards.

I received a pro tip from TRS to quickly short strip the shrimp pattern. I set out last night to check out a new walk to flat nearby and had my first taker OTF with the short strips! I pulled him in, took some pics, and was back home all in 20 minutes!! This might be a record and I don’t live on the water with a dock or anything. I also drove to the flat - who can beat it?

Pics with TRS from previous trip Monday night. No water, but TRS caught the lone straggler that showed up.

Dream big. Work hard. Wait for the bus.

I debated going out yesterday evening and now after seeing your post I’m wishing I would have. That’s tough to beat! Congrats on a full recovery and best of luck.

That’s a productive flat at times…its actually one of CF’s legend’s favorite spots.

I’d blurr your backgrounds next time unless you want half of the website showing up to your favorite spot next trip out.

Nice fish.

…because everything is a conspiracy!!!

its actually two different flats. Are you referring to the first 2 photos or last photos? Enjoyed your post this morning.

Dream big. Work hard. Wait for the bus.