First Post and Report from a terrible fisherman

I took vacation Friday and Monday and fished HARD with no luck. Friday we fished the ICW around Price Inlet and did not get a bite. Mainly fished with Zman plastics and threw in some Vudu shrimp…

Fished again Monday on the Wando in Nowell creek and around drum island and lost one fish at the boat…Again fished with Zman, popping corks, frozen shrimp and frozen cut bait.

Bottom line, I suck at fishing! But it was a good day on the water…Don’t worry I am not looking for any secret spots I couldn’t catch fish if you gave me GPS coordinates!

Not giving up!


Don’t give up is the right attitude IMO.

One helpful hint for sure is FRESH shrimp and fresh cutbait too(fish market mullet). Search this site for particular info you want, plenty of it here on search click.

Tides is another major factor inshore, check with Optiker here and use a guide at least once or twice for EXCELLENT help.

Good luck, and keep posting either good or bad results, you will get plenty help here

Thanks for the feedback! I need to learn to throw my cast net for the fresh mullet. I never thought about fish market mullet that is a good hint if I can find them. I did get a guide once before and we did really well on live shrimp. I am a little stubborn I really want to learn how to catch fish on artificial but I may need to give in.

I can’t imagine that anyone is doing things that differently than I am but the results would not agree.

Live first is easier, then work artificials IMO.

Seafood mrket on Dorchester has fresh mullet almost year round from here and Fla.

By fresh shrimp I mean supernarket or local shrimp on ice, not frozen, live netted is even bett er.

What easy said about fresh shrimp. The old frozen ones are good when not much bait in the creeks or fishing for catfish. I’ve been with frozen shrimp and not done a thing … I always keep a little 4 foot cast net in the boat. Caught a few live shrimp and a couple of minnows and it was on.

If you are anchored and fishing carry a couple chicken/ turkey necks and try for a couple of crabs. Quarter them up… Red fish and bonnet head love em.

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Thanks for the report. I have those days frequently so it’s all good. Live shrimp and finger mullet are definately my favorite but they won’t show up in creeks for a while still. at least they were not there today. i even tried deep hole shrimping today for shrimp and nada. Just keep at it. a bad day on the water is better than any other day ever in this world if you ask me!