First time to Charleston 60

A couple of buddies and I are planning to try out the Charleston 60 reef next weekend. Do y’all have any tip about fishing that reef? Before you ask I’ve fished 4KI and the nearshore countless times and hit Comanche once on the the way back in from trolling but this is my first trip really planning to go that far to specifically bottom fish. I’m planning to try to find live bait around the harbor somewhere before heading out and I was thinking about maybe drifting the reef to try to find a good area before dropping the reef anchor. What else should I be thinking about? Anything extra that I should bring that I’m probably not thinking about? What are most people catching there this time of year? Thanks for any advice y’all can give me.

Squid, cigar minnows, clams, pin fish, menhaden, jelly balls, for bait. I make my own chum holder ( old plastic peanuts container) hole drilled in it attach a string put frozen cat & dried cat food and sink it to the bottom.
When I catch a pin fish, use them for grouper they love those, so don’t throw them back.
Drop a line if the fish are their they will bite, if not move a little bit , drop a line. Your sonar if it’s good will give you a good indication of the structures & fish activity.
Go to DNR web site and download or enter all GPS coordinates, @ 10 or more of them.
If you have an anchor ball bring that.
Best of luck !

Cuda will eat you up. More so on top. You said you were more working the bottom…I had some menhaden on bottom but did not try shrimp or squid. Some sharks on bottom. Spades appeared hungry even though I did not fish for them; you might try jelly balls or shrimp. I tried three places today and then moved on. But then it might be a different story at another time. You can see on the graph, it’s a fishy place.

I have always done best North of the buoy. Lost several reef anchors there also but always good bottom fish

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