First timer

New to Kayak fishing and fishing in the low country. Just got a new to me malibu kayak and hope to put her in the water mid week next week. Hoping to target redfish and wanted advice on the rig. Are popper floats the way to go right now? Live or artificial bait? Not sure where I’ll put in at yet. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the addiction! Artificials have been doing great for me lately. I like using the Z-Man plastics, and the locally-sold Trout Tricks…I like to fish structure for reds - stuff like oyster mounds, docks and pilings. Creek mouths with structure and water flow is good for finding trout. Good luck!

Lowcountry Kayak Anglers -

^^ Good advice. I did some trolling the other day from my malibu and the trout bite was insane. Very fun. Z-Man always work great for me this time of year. Spot tails are starting to school with the drop in water temp. Saw a bunch but didnt catch any. Good luck!

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