Fish Jerky

If you like smoked fish and usually use something like King Mackeral, try it with a fish you really like…and try cutting it relatively similar to strips of Jerky.

I am currently using Dolphin but have tried it with Wahoo and Cero and Spanish Mackeral.

I use a 2 to 1 mix of Brown sugar and salt, rub the strips down and let sit overnight in a bag or bowl. Then rinse the excess brine off and pat dry on paper towels. Shake on a generous amount of regular ground pepper once on the smoker rack. Smoke and enjoy.

good call man- i smoke my mullet/bluefish/spanish till there’s no liquid left. keeps for a long time, holds a ton of flavor, and makes an excellent snack on a boat. good conversation piece too… “why are you eating bait?”

not sure i’ve heard of “dry brining” fish before… i usually go for the savory over the sweet. have you tried with more salt and less sugar? just curious…