Fish Report for Saturday

Was able to break away to do some 12pm-3pm fishing on Saturday. Weather decent, a lot of boats on the water, a lot of guys cleaning their boats at the Marina. Fishing Season must be coming soon!

Low Tide was at 11:30am. Got my mud minnows from Haddrells at about 10am. Headed out to the Ft. Johnson/Ft. Sumpter area. Fished the shallows for nothing. Did see one small redfish landed. Water temp was 60 degrees.

Came back in and fished the lower Ashley for a while. Had one spurt of trout biting for about 30 minutes and then it was over. I only landed one about 13".

Fished mud minnows the whole time. No artificials this week. Got the boat cleaned an ready for next week.

Did anyone else go fishing on Saturday?


Sat was tough for me too, but hey, it beats working around the house ammirite?

Thanks for the report!

Fishing Nerd

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I fished Saturday, did some scouting while the wife was out of town. Found a couple new areas, used corks with mud minnows. Landed several slot reds, big fish of the day came in at just under 28". All were tagged and released.

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I thought about it, then noticed a leak under my steering ram.
So instead of fishing I ordered new seals.

Also, busy working around the house.
Little salt on the wound there stumpnocker.