fish spread out

fished wed evening for a little bit. Lines in at 730, boat on the trailer at 1115. Caught some really fat shorts. nothing under 19". ended with four keepers 21"-23". Last two times out i can’t seem to find that Fifth fish…lol… Hard to tell what i am marking on my little POS eagle fish finder but had marks from 30 to 60. 2 keepers came from 40 and the other 2 from 70, all fish came from these two depths and not the first bite on any depth in between. My guess i was marking bait and had fish at the top of the pod and at the bottom. Tom; seen your buddy that likes to hit trucks and he was missing the guide on the trailer that he hit you with…lol…he must have hit something else…ahahah. we’ll see if i can’t throw a pic up tommorrow. been up since 6 this am and got to be at work in 7 hrs. tight lines to all…

Good Job. 4 is respectable. I’m picking my boat up from the shop today, so I’ll be out there soon. My depth finder isnt good either, but sometimes I see a big ball with three or four marks outsde the ball. I think thats the fish hearding the bait up. However, around the towers, I dont see nothing at all. Other people have had problems like that too.

sometimes people try to mark stuff running along side of the towers which i think u can not do unless u are at least 20/30yrds out from them. but if you keep ur nose pointed at the towers the depth finders seem to be a little bit more accurrate. all depends what kind of cone ur unit sends. my problem is that no matter what it scans it shows the dam fish symbol for everything, so i dont know if its bait or fish. if i find any marks i just fish them. i have been spoiled i guess chasing dolphin and grouper usin a nice HDS10 down south. lol

chip, does that FF not have an option to turn the fish symbols off? Even on a low res FF it’s easier to interpit what you are seeing when seeing marks.

Then again, you seem to be doing fine with it showing fish symbols. :smiley:

'07 198 DLX Carolina Skiff
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Why not just go get a nice HDS 10 with the structure scan. Get one of those I-pilots for your trolling motor while your at it.

Tom if i had your money i would have those things. lol shoot i dont even have a boat to my name. got lucky this year that i was able to get ahold of the 14 footer that my buddy was kinda enough to let me clean up for him. lol just lucky enough to have friends and family with boats. one day i will have a rig! one day. ahaaahahahaaa

hey chip; give me a call. i am thinking about going tommorrow night if it works out. do not know if the cocks are playing yet or not. if they win tonight i think that they play tommorrow.might just have to wait until sat night or sun morning.