Fishbox loose bolts

I have a Sea Hunt and the bolts on all the hinges have jam nuts on the other side of them to prevent them from coming loose. Unfortunately some bolt have come loose where I see the only way to repair it is to cut into the fish box to gain access to the bolts. Then repair the fiberglass , another suggestions

Stainless steel hollow wall nuts. I think.


nyloc nuts will not back off or Loctite either from your local hardware store.

Same issue. I’ve beeen debating on cutting them off and putting in oversized screws with 5200 or cutting a 3.5” hole in fish box and then covering it with an inspection hole plate


I learned from the Sea Hunt page to cut a 2" hole with a hole saw inside the fish box right under the hinge to get a wrench to the nuts to tighten them. Then they got 2" plumbing test plugs and snapped them into the hole. It looked relatively clean and the guys that did it said they haven’t had any trouble with them coming out.

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Had the same problem in my dads sea hunt. We cut the heads off the bolts and replaced them with slightly bigger stainless steel screws that we also epoxied in.

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