Fished MAD event Saturday

My wife and I participated in the Military Appreciate Day (MAD) event on Saturday; we had the privilege of taking one of our nation’s heroes out for a day of fishing. We started at the jetties hoping for a big red on blue crab, no love, and when the front came through around noon the wind kicked up and we headed inshore. While we didn’t get a red at the rocks, we had a daymaker in the form of a big flounder on blue crab, go figure. It was his first flounder, he’s spoiled now! We came inshore for the afternoon and got a few trout on artificials. Overall nice day on the water but it was not about fishing for me… seeing our guy just relaxing and taking it all in then calling seemingly everyone he knew to tell them about his flounder made Saturday one of the best days on the water that I’ve ever had. I wasn’t thinking ahead, I should’ve brought my fillet knife to clean our catch for him, but he took it to the seafood store on Ashley Phospate where they cleaned it…they also measured/weighed it, came in at 24" and 7.5#.

Thank you to Gene/Rhonda and the MAD team for hosting a great event. This was our first year fishing this event and will mark the calendar for next year! Thanks to all of our CF heroes and their families for their sacrifices that allow us to enjoy the many privileges that we sometimes take for granted.


That’s great! I have always wanted to get involved in that as my dad was a vet. I want them to actually catch fish though, so I’d make a lousy captain.

Awesome! Wish I had seen an advertisement for that. This forum is about all the social media I engage in. I’ll try to get involved next year!

I caught it on THT…I’ll be sure it’s shared on here for next year!

It’s a great event and I’m glad its still doing well. Most of the guys used to actively post here but I havent seen any of them in years. Facespace must be doing them well enough. I just miss AOL, haha

Nice report and one thing about fishing Saltwaters you don’t know what you’ll catch