Fished rising tide

pretty much fished from dead low until dark. Waited on the tails, but it didn’t happen. Had some luck during the early incoming tide, though. Something was busting bait in the creeks, but all I was catching were rays, so I moved and caught this guy rolling near an oyster bed.

nice red…congrats!

Very nice fish. The difference in color on the reds continues to amaze me (yes I am easily entertained). Your fish has no “red” on him and one I caught a few weeks ago that looked just like him. My son caught one yesterday that was a beautiful copper color. I really love it when the ends of their tail is blue. Does anyone know why such color variation? Is it diet, location, what? Just curious.

Combination of diet and location. Catch fish in COpahee or Bulls Bay, or the mouth of the Folly they look like this one. Hit the stono, wando, or cooper and you’ll see more red. Wando fish are especially pretty in the fall with bright copper bodies and blue tails.

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