Fishfinder connections getting corroded.

As the title says, my Fishfinder connections are getting corroded.

It’s a Humminbird with the quick disconnect type head unit. I took the head unit off for the first time in a while, did not like what I saw. The ports that I haven’t been using on the head unit have corrosion on all the (recessed) male contacts, and the ones I have been using are corroding too, as are the females on the transducer and power cables.

What is the best way to try and clean them?

And protect them once that’s done?


Corrosion block. It will clean and protect. Its unlike anything I have ever seen bit its expensive.

Went and got some, 12oz can was $20. I guess as expensive as it is, it’s cheaper than repairing things. Thanks JMH.

Use some dielectric grease after you clean them. Has worked great for me for years!

Do you cut your battery off while not using the boat? We had this problem when removing the head unit and leaving the power on when the boat was on the trailer close to the salt water. We figured there was enough salt in the air moisture to cause corrosion. The problem stopped when we added covers to the cables and as said before Corrosion Block is some awesome stuff.