fishing alone on thanksgiving

Outlaws in town and bro in law teaching tennis lessons meant that we were doing thanksgiving dinner, not lunch. That gave me a chance to get out for the last hour of falling and the first two hours of rising.

Ran north of IOP and pulled over on an area that I had fished before. At this point the wind is manageable. I had my flyline in a tamer and I am just bumping the boat along with the Troller. Visablility was good. After about 45 minutes I came up on my first school. Blew the cast completely. Circled back around and made another pass. Found 10 fish milling around and I put a rust wobbler in amongst them. I didn’t think I was gonna get ate, but one finally did. After he ran under the TM and I untangled the line I did manage to land a nice 22". Sorry no pics, wife wanted to keep the camera so she could capture special “holiday moments”. About dead low the wind went from 10 to about 20 and the flats got muddy. I ran to one of the inlets to get in the lea and caught a rat on a grub.

Water temp was 51.5 in the ditch and 53.2 on the flats.

Way to go man! I was probably in a tryptophan coma about the time you were landing the fish.

“Fishing is alot like sex…when its good,it’s really good, and when its bad, its still pretty good.”