Fishing alongside Lucky Larry 54

Hey guys. Adam and I got out Thursday to fish. So happens, Larry and his friend Chris were going to be in Price Inlet so we made a time to meet and fished a few hours of the outgoing and a few of the incoming.

We knew we were rolling the dice with the looks of the sky, but felt fairly confident that we’d be okay. After all, the weather showed a 30% chance of rain until 1:00.
We got soaked around 2:00 and on and off rain until we left at 4:00.

Anyway, The conditions were very favorable starting out and Larry caught his new PB flounder and Chris had already landed a trout prior to us meeting them.

We managed a limit of keepers (had we been keeping them all) and one tournament red.

This was the first day of some higher tides so the conditions weren’t great but we had a few places in mind where we could avoid a heavy current once it started moving.

The water was pretty clear on the outgoing but the incoming brought in a heavy stain and the fish pretty much turned off.

Again, for the second trip, not a single trout in my boat. Seems odd.

As per usual the video is attached at the top for those interested.

Kerry Browning

I always enjoy your videos Kerry, you guys always seem to have a lot of fun regardless of the bite.
Larry is truly one of my favorite people. Glad you got to meet him. He sent me those pics, and I told him he needs to learn to smile for his pics!
Thanks for the kind words, we’re all doing what we can.

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Thanks so much. We do have fun and I do a fair amount of editing to keep it PG.
Yeah, great getting to know Larry and Chris. I’m sure it won’t be the last time we fish together.

As usual entertaining video. good job. You’re about to break the hundred mark.

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I know. If only I could get you to to subscribe. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Kerry, thanks for showing us some of your places that are producing fish. We had a blast fishing around you and Adam on Thursday. I couldn’t say enough great things about Dave- he is always ready to help me with any questions I have.
I can say today that Dave and Daniel @ ZMan have been my mentors since I started learning to inshore fishing. Eye Strike and ZMan make the best product available. They are great fishermen, conservationist for our inshore fishery and the best people. Just wish you could pick better weather-LOL. Chris and I had over 30 minutes of soaking rain back to Sullivans Island boat ramp. I have never been so wet in my life with a raincoat. We really appreciate your insight and your willingness to share your wisdom with us. Larry

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So sorry to hear you guys got drenched. You know, there are times when the realist on your shoulder says “Let’s call it Bud”. But, then, you made the trip, you made the run and you think “maybe we’ll get lucky”.
Adam and I did the same thing. We looked back toward Mt Pleasant and wondered about you guys. We got wet too.

That’s fishing right?