fishing around sullivan's island

I have fished the island years ago but plan on making another trip down here next weekend.

What are some productive regions of the island?
What is the grillage- i see from some past posts?

What are some species caught this time of the year?

Will there be shrimp in the creeks to catch with a cast net? mullet?

You have good questions. There are tons of places to fish around Sullivans. I usually fish behind the island in the ICW. The shrimp should be in the creeks at low tide, but we usually try and catch mullet or menhadden in the castnet you can usually see them popping the surface in schools in the Waterway around summertime. Some spots are secrets others are fairly well known. Main fish people target over there this time of year is redfish. Fish docks around low tide where the current rips. You gotta think like a fish. Most of these reds are gonna be lazy when it get hots, so they’re not gonna work for food there gonna want to sit there and ambush it. Use the tide to your advantage. When the water gets up in the grass find a flat and fish ajacent to it as the water runs out so should the bait and the reds should sit there and ambush it. Trial and error my man. Tight Lines and Good Luck.