Fishing/Boating/Hunting Pic Meme and GIF Thread


Pancakes for Fritz, he’d be so proud :laughing:

I made a tool from a piece of broom handle about 12" long and you screw a bottle cap to one end. Similar idea. I saw it online somewhere a long time ago.

How about a 2 foot section of PVC pipe aboard to use for #1 instead of spraying all over the transom and gunnels.

Duct tape a short piece of rope to it for cleanup, and away we go, nonstop and nondrip.

Boys only

Stump rockin the DNR buff at the scrimp spot! :metal:

Good eye sir! :muscle:


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Daggum! Finally, finally I just realized what I’ve been doing wrong all these years!

That one with the mushroom clouds really got me chuckling.Keep ‘em coming Fripp island.

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Gary Larson always cracks me up.

Not fishing related…

…unless he used canned tuna for bait.




OTC’s first beach landing in the Marines???

Hope he see’s this comment, lol


I literally chuckle bout every time I watch that clip haha

Y’all have a good weeked, I’m about to be outta here like this guy


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