Fishing/Boating/Hunting Pic Meme and GIF Thread

We have some really good food and garden threads going, so let’s see what we can do with a fishing related thread as well.

Here I’ll start…


So simple its brilliant. Great tip.

This could turn into a fun, and, a
very informative, thread.

Borrowed from Reddit, wife just showed me while we’re cooking dinner




Good idea for a thread

Heres one. Why you never ever (no matter what) try and free a stuck anchor with the line attached to either of the stern cleats.

Always attach the line to the bow cleat and pass the line behind the center cleat (if available) towards the stuck anchor.

Try and pull straight, but beware when the line gets tight…If the boat (under strain) swings hard get off the throttle fast.

People are killed every year trying to pull a stuck anchor with a stern cleat.


Good info there!

Hey @snickers, can you/we up the size limit on GIF’s a couple of mb’s? I have a couple good one’s I’d like to post.


Holy moly…

That Barrett video is an OH S**T moment for sure.

Pretty sure that guy is lucky to still have his face and head! Whoa!

I’m guessing the barrel was plugged with something? If not what caused that to happen?

If I recall correctly, I believe it was a bad round. This actually happened a few years ago and there used to be a longer video.

I think it had to be a bad round, theres no plugging a 50cal… they shoot through tanks and house, at the same time :smile:


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Knife tip trick for when you mess up the skinning