Fishing/Boating/Hunting Pic Meme and GIF Thread

And a tow rope hitch! Good stuff ha!

When nobody wants the frame enough to slap an axle under it or put it on a flatbed… porta-band time!

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This! This is why I’ll never move north or inland haha

My back yard.

What kind? Thats cool

Not completely sure. Got a pair of them back there making a big ruckus over the last few weeks. The little one chases the big one while they hoot and cluck and make all sorts of bird noises. Almost like they’re mating but seems like wrong time of year, but HOO knows

wonder what that is on the gators lips?

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Looks like a set hook line?

Hooked in the jaw?

The Gator twisted it so much, he, essentially, reeled himself up to the set anchor/tree allowing easy access for the Cat?

That is a great photo!

Not fishing but funny