Fishing Boca Grande/Pine Island, FL Area??

We will be staying in Bokeelia, FL (Pine Island near Boca Grande) the latter part of June. From all of the articles we’ve found online, it looks like a fishing paradise but, I’d love some firsthand knowledge/advice. We’ll be fishing out of an 18’ CC and several kayaks and plan on fishing every day and want to target different species. Definitely want to attempt a Tarpon in Boca Pass. If anyone can and is willing to share any wisdom/intel on that area, I’d be most appreciative. Places, tackle, techniques, inshore, near shore, etc…

Never caught a Snook, that’s on my list as well.

Very cool area, make sure you fish a live ray on the bottom at the Phosphate docks. 400+lb Goliath’s are residents, they will eat a whole ray no problem. We bow-fished the flats for the rays. Live bait along the mangroves for snook, tarpon are in the pass and out front on the beaches. Very fishy area.

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I’m jealous! We lived in the Sarasota area for about a year & a half. Wish we could go back.

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Freedom, we’ll be there in early May.My son lives in Cape Coral and I absolutely love that area.We usually fish in Pine Island Sound aound Ding Darling Wildlife Area.Plenty of Redfish,Snook,and you almost can’t keep trout off your hook.Fish with live bait under a cork or throw artificials.You can find Tarpon is all the passes not just Boca Grande.We like Redfish Pass and Captiva Pass.Live bait on the bottom is the trick.If you catch a decent size catfish,put him in the livewell and try fishing around around one of the bridges.We hooked into Goliath Grouper twice but were overmatched both times.We know it was a Goliath because we saw 3 teenagers in a whaler catch one that weighed 150 at least where we were fishing.
Also great sunsets in Bokeelia.Enjoy.

Grew up by there and fish there fairly often.
Passes will be very crowded especially BG, look for tarpon off the beaches first thing in the morning for your best shot.
Outgoing tide back in the harbor channeling through mangrove islands has been an easy way to get snook for me without being too specific.
Also look at docks in the passes with lights for snook stacked up at night.

Tarpon fishing is way better outside of the pass.

Thanks, that was last summer. Red tide was a *****.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

Originally posted by DFreedom

Thanks, that was last summer. Red tide was a *****.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

It was and effects are still noticable this year.