Fishing Edisto tomorrow

Taking a couple guys fishing in the morning. Fish Edisto about once a year. Any tips on giving us the best chance tomorrow? Would like to catch redfish and trout. Happy fishing!

I’m absolutely no help. But good luck and have fun

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I would bring a castnet and match the hatch.Artificials haven’t been working for me all that well with all the bait in the creek.


Low tide is around 0830, dont lay in bed all morning.

Thats all I got.

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Wear sunscreen and hydrate.

Caught 2 redfish. 24” and 18”. One on live shrimp and other cut mullet.

chunksbrowne 2

fish 0

You won

Did you catch lots of shrimp

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Yes, a lot of shrimp in the creeks. 1 out of 5 were decent size

Good deal… 23 Sailfish says the reds love the crab.

I catch em on live shrimp too, but the fatties like the crab

I’m trying to eat, looking for those slotties

Them fattys take a while to land with trout tackle,I know it’s a heck of a thing to complain about.haha I tell you one thing ,whiting is a good eating fish.