"Fishing for Miracles" ~ sail action

Fished in the “Fishing for Miracles” tournament last weekend in hopes to catch a winner. That did not happen. Survived the weekend with two kings one of them we weighed being 27.49. Not the biggest, but a good points fish. Had steady action throughout the days with our fair share of trash fish, a nice cobia, spanish mackerel, and a few sails. We picked off the cobia due to a 10 foot tiger shark he was following tightly behind. Thank god the tiger didn’t hit. All in all fun tournament. King fishing sucks. Fished 90ft both days. GPS went out on us the first day of the tournament. Huge shout out to cap fritz for letting us use his hand held gps the last day! Thanks. Check out this video of one of the sails we caught!


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King fishing sucks.

Well said! :wink::smiley:

Ya’ll need to quit catching marlin and sailfish and focus on meat fish!

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!

I was fishing near you I also caught a sail plus seven mahi an one lil azz king lol cool video

If you saw our freezer you would think different ! Haha it’s becoming a good habit though haha.

33 contender ~ poledancer
39 contender ~ mama becky

@trimedout appreciate it. Nice work on the mahi. Saw a few of them jumping in the spread.

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39 contender ~ mama becky

Had that same shark and 6-8 cobia in tow in about 75’.
And yes king fishing sucks

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Why do all of you think everyone wants to hear thumpin music ???

Willy T, This is Wills video and Wills music. When you make your video, we will listen to your music…

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If he has fish to film.

33 contender ~ poledancer
39 contender ~ mama becky