Fishing in Connecticut

moving to Groton, CT - anybody know anything about fishing up there? Unfortunately I’ll be there mostly during the winter (Nov thru May) but if there is anything to fish for I’ll give it a try! For now I plan on leaving the boat in storage here, figured it wouldn’t be much use there in the winter.

Also, any suggestions for forums like Found a couple, but most don’t seem very active or you have to pay to be a member (what the heck is that about?!) Thanks!

NAvy Guy…

I am From Ledyard CT…

Noank and Stonnington have great fishing for Flounder

Rocky Bottom everywhere fish with clam stips and drift…bump the bottom…used to be able to rent boata at Masons Island


Hey! My brother and sister in law live In Groton on pleasant street. :wink:

miss’n fish’n

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Right Down From Fort Griswold…One of My Relatives used to live on that street…Been So Long


Well right now they are really sweating it out wondering what the storm will bring…keep them in your prayers ok

miss’n fish’n

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There is a good number of striped bass that overwinter in the Thames River. Early sping will bring winter flounder and by April that bass will migrating back.

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I caught a 20 inch Striper on a Shiny Wieght when I was 12 testing a new rod and reel…Zebco that I Got From the Easter Bunny

Off a dock on the Thames


Ice Fishing lol

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right across the bay from montauk. There are the biggest stripers of your life in those waters. i think theres a ferry that runs from new london, maybe groton across the sound. if i rememeber right, not much of a surf on the coast in groton area i think theres another island blocing it- i could be wrong though. really heavy currents. take a trip to the island/s and surf fish. The beaches are waaaay steeper there. Winter is the best time to be up there. get an extremely warm pair of waders/coat and cast from the breakwalls or just go out and find some rip rap. You will catch 10:1 bluefish to stripers. but the blues up there are average 10-15lbs. some great fun. any time u see a bluefish boiling bunkers on the top. chances are there are monster stripers just below them. the tough part is weeding through giant blues to get to a striper. good luck up there should be a blast

ps look for a forum for Long island instead of groton. same waters more people.

thanks for the tips guys. may be a while before I get to do much fishing though… we got here a few days after Sandy, just in time to experience our first “Nor’easter” - just looked, it’s 31 degrees, 20-30 mph wind, and there’s about an inch or two of snow covering my truck![:0]

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@BSB98, you got a Zebco for Easter? Beats the jelly beans I used to get lol

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ps look for a forum for Long island instead of groton. same waters more people.

Here is one I use to use ,