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GT-Hope the boat made thru the fire. I got word that the fire was so hot that the boats on the walk had their curtains and other plastic/fiberglass melt. The fire crews were cutting ropes and pushing the boats out into the river to save them.

I spoke to Jamie yesterday morning. He told me that he had some damage to the gauge clusters and captains chairs on the flybridge. said he mainly had ash and soot covering the boat, but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned. He is very lucky that Capt Ronnie got there when he did to pull it away from the boardwalk.

What happened and where?

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No one shows the boats on the back side.

Ya’ll Have Fun.
Slick Seas,

Sorry to hear. Does a marina have insurance to cover dammage to a boat in a slip or does it fall on the owners insurance company?

28 WA Hydra Sport
Twin 225 4 stoke Yammies
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So do they think it started at Limpin Janes? I really hate that, such a beautiful street.

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