Fishing Parr Resevoir

Wondering if anybody has any information on fishing parr. I’ve been there two times and had a little bit of luck but haven’t really figured it out. It reminds me a lot of fishing saltwater marshes-muddy water, shallow flats, and the islands in the middle make it look like a saltwater creek with marsh on the sides. I went to the river channel to try and Catfish Sunday and had no luck, and it’s only about 20 ft deep at the deepest part I could find, with some heavy current. Tried bass fishing and spooked a school of something about 2ft deep in some flats not sure what they were. When I went there in September I threw Catfish bait down in about 2 ft of water by the bank next to my kayak and strangely enough got bites but couldnt hook it, my brother paddled next to me and ended up spooking whatever was biting which there was a school of and seemed to be pretty big, about 2-3 foot in length, cool but not like anything I’ve seen in freshwater before… It seems like it is underfished and could have great potential any info is appreciated.

I’ve seen a few folks fishing for crappie on Parr but I don’t know what kind of success they have. The way the water fluctuates so much makes it difficult to fish there. About the only time I put in there is to run up the Broad and fish for smallmouth and that’s not very frequent because of the water fluctuation.

Been out of Heller Ck many times and the dirt throw in below 34. Was only to duck hunt. Water levels you never know about. Up & down 20’ sometimes. I have seen a few folks fishing but, never myself. I wondered about getting on a smallmouth there. A lot more folks fish up on the lake. Good catfish in winter and green and brown bass there too.

J Ford