Fishing Questions,Questions and more Questions!

I am seeking some advice in regards to the gear that I fish with when I am fishing for reds and trout in the rivers and the gear I fish with for surf fishing.

Surf Fishing
12 ft ocean master with 350 yards of 100 lb braid and 250 yards of backing.

9 ft rod with 350 yards of 60 lb braid

13 ft rod with 350 yards of 60 lb braid

Two, 8 ft bait rods with 250 yards of 30 lb braid

</font id=“red”> What would an ideal set up look like for surfishing? Rod sixe? line strenght, ETC… Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Trout/ Redfish

  • two, 7 ft rods with 225 yards of 30 lb braid
  • 6 ft 6 inch speed stick with 20 lb braid
  • 7 ft rod with 200 yards of 30 lb braid.

Again, I really need some advice and tips about what size rods I should be using, what kind of action? what line is best? Currently I feel like my red/ trout rods are either two light action or not big enough.

PS… if you or any one you know of has any old rods and reels that they do not use anymore but are still in good quality condition please let me know! Unfortunately I am pretty tight on my budget right now and have not had a lot of money to purchase new gear which is why I am asking all of you to reach out to me if you have way too many set ups or you have simply upgraded your rods and reels a little bit. Obviously i am willing to buy the gear, work the money off if you need help with and side projects or can go on a payment plan!

Thank you ahain!

Hello. It is also important to know what size reels that you are using. I use Shimano 2500 to 3000 series max size with Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi Braid 20 lb. The best braid is Daiwa Samurai 20 lb braid. I use either Yozuri Pink 20lb or Ohero 20lb flourocarbon leader about 24 inches long. The rods I use are 8 to 17 lb class 7’6’’

Donald Waiberman

That is what I use for trout and redfish.

Donald Waiberman

Very sage advice DW. I’ll see if I can find some of that Daiwa braid to try. I’m having trouble with wind knots in my power pro.What color braid do you use?And welcome to the site.

Thank You SMAN. I get mine, I hate to say it, from Amazon. Most local shops by me do not sell the Daiwa Samarai. I stopped using Power Pro years ago.I love the white translucent color. That is what works for me. Local shops sell the Invisibraid. I have used that color for a few years. I hope this helps.

Donald Waiberman