fishing with dolphind in the harbour april 1

fished the james island grasslines with dolphind this afternoon. Dolphin managed to hook into a large red to start the day off. hopefully pics to follow… I landed a smaller red caught on cut mullet. Lots of seaweed and “trash” in the water almost looked like some kind of algae bloom???

not the biggest red in the world but still beats working:smiley: hopefully dolphins pic will make it on here too. Maybe the wind will die down a bit this week!

A couple of more pics from a good short day:

Projectile Yakker looking for fish:

My big boy:


Go Buckeyes!!! No, Seriously, GO!!!

How do you like the WS Ride? I still am very much wanting a Hobie. How are they selling?

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I was out on Saturday and saw the same thing with the seaweed. It kept wrapping around my line really bad. I did land a nice red though.

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