Fishing with Mr Slick

I had the pleasure of hosting the owner of Pure FLats, makers of the Slick Lure which I have posted about a few times this year. Greg is a great guy and has been a huge supporter of Release Over 20 and Eye Strike. We sell each others products on our websites, for example.

Anyway, I wanted to show him how good the lures work in areas I like to fish, primarily lots of submerged timber (FatRat and Stump will attest).

We started out throwing topwater in one of my go to spots and he tied on a Slick on an unweighted hook which rides very high in the water column. I got a nice one just under 20 on a skitterwalk when he comes tight. Its pulling drag and its a beauty! 23" and fat (est 4 lbs). I let him know that is a year maker in these parts and there was celebrating all around. Great fish. Released as always.

Got a few other quality fish during the day, but we had an awesome day. The fish absolutely hammer this lure its more than addicting! You may not catch as many fish but when you do - its worth it :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for your report, and pics!!

I’m convinced you and Fatrat could catch fish on an empty hook!

I agree with you DF , I hate those guys

Ha ha, hardly. Took a visitor the prior Tuesday and we struggled all day. We had several small fish and 1,000 lizard and pinfish for the baitfish slam!

Keeping it real!

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Love the report, both of them!
The Mr. Slick days make the baitfish slam days seem pale in comparison, still loads of fun. Good to see it! Bout that time for the bite to heat up as everything else cools down… oh boy…