Fishizzle beanbags

I’m thinking about getting one or two of these for the house and looking for recommendations of style and size. Anyone have any preferences for comfort and relaxation. Thanks for any feed back

e-sea rider medium teardrop with the long neck

2350 Bluewater

x 2
For that ride back in from the deep- they make a HUGE difference


Are these Fishizzle Bean Bags you’re talking about? They’re made in the USA with 100% marine grade materials and backed by our lifetime warranty. They are constructed using heavy duty marine grade thread (all double stitched), heavy duty nylon zippers, and strong nylon strap handles for fastening to your T-top when not in use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any of the contacts below in our signature or here in the forum, thanks, hope this helps.

Fishizzle Tackle Co.
P.O. Box 4317
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

843-808-FISH (3474)

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Y’all got any round here (CHS)?

yes sir Im local and work for Fishizzle Tackle i have both our beanbag styles at the house. I can meet you or come by the house to show them to you. Frank with Oceantamer is the man he did a great job on the bags as he always does.

Carolina Veterans Saltwater Series

(**() those are sexy