Fist Time Modern Rifle Hunting


I just planning to hunt but. I don’t have an idea what gun is better when it comes to hunting. I just went through on internet about best hunting guns but i would like to have an AR 15. Is it suitable for Hunting

Depends on your ability to use your weapon. I’m assuming your ar is in a ,223 platform. Many options on rounds designed for hunting rather than a FMJ. I use one from time to time and My neighbor exclusively hunts with an AR in .223. Head and neck shots. If you prefer shoulder shots I might switch up to a little bigger caliber. I’m partial to a .270 or 30-06. Many like to go larger like a 7mm or such.

Shot placement and the ability to hit your mark is much more important than caliber. I can attest to over a 100 deer put down on depredation permits using a .17 all head shots out to 100 yards. Hit the range and get familiar with what ever you use before ever getting in a stand and remember a paper target is nothing like a living one… to most.

I am thinking of getting a new gun. I love my 270’s and will probably stay with that caliber.
I am getting old and want to drop gun weight without losing punch and outfit the gun with the best light gathering scope I can buy.

Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.


Take a look at the 270 short mag. I prefer it to the 270, and I have both.

Pioneer 197SF

What bluesky said… Don’t rule out a .243. Light recoil and probably more deer killed by them when Rifle/ still Hunting started getting popular over dog drives than most all calibers. (probably a toss up between a 30-06?) That is in my experience. Most all old timers had/have one. I’ve got a Savage in synthetic stock that is really light and easy on recoil.

Just remember when dropping weight on a rifle… You get more recoil. :smiley: I love my old American made Red Field, and do like the Bushnell Dusk to dawn on another rifle… I’m not the guy for optics suggestions Other than you don’t have to pay what you used to for top notch glass. Even the cheaper brands have come a long way.

Partnership,I find me a Christenson dealer and buy one with a carbon barrel and a brake then put a Schmidt and bender on top if it, hunt on.

Nothing but money! man they have some nice stuff… :smiley: So… what caliber would you recommend?

Partner check out swap page. Scope on there

If I could only have one it’s going to be a 300wsm, 165gr Sierra HPBT game king over 64 grains on IMR 4350 is just hard to beat.