Flat head catfish.

I’ve been doing some research on them because they fascinate me. However I’m finding little studies done in South Carolina. Mostly studies done up north. From the little bit that I’ve gathered they seem to differ from my experience on catching them down here. Depth mainly. I have my best luck in 15 to 20 ft. Where most of the tag fish in there studies have been in 10 to 3 ft. What has been a major role in catching trophy size flats in your experience?


I’m far from an expert on trophy flatheads but the few that I have caught-mostly smaller ones-have been fairly deep 10 to 15 ft. around lots of structure in the outside bend of rivers. I would like to be able to figure them out better. I’ve caught lots of big blues and channels, but flatheads are a whole different animal. They are without a doubt the best eating catfish as well.

Don Drose, retired Lake Marion guide, made a series of videos several years ago on cats and stripers, including flatheads.

Excellent videos , all 3.
Videos were VHS.

Well worth the money if you can find them.

Don’s number should be listed in the Manning phone book.
Great guide and great guy…
He taught me a lot over the years.:sunglasses:

I’ve only caught a few flatheads. Not sure if they qualify to be called trophies. Biggest was a little over 25 lbs. Most of the ones I’ve caught were atleast 25’ deep on lake Murray. My biggest was around 35’ deep when it bit on a November morning.

when I used to river fish for flatcats in the neuse up in Raleigh area I caught most of my big fish in 2-6’

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