Flats for trout and redfish before Thanksgiving


Some of you guys know Scott Christian on this forum. I was having a little trouble catching fish like I had been. He got me and my wife on the fish with some very simple advice and man, we were in them. The video is about 13 minutes or so but could have been 30.

Her birthday was today and we are frying fish up as I type this.

As per usual, the YouTube link is at the top for anyone interested in watching it.

Kerry Browning

Very nice going!

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No matter how long you’ve been at this. There’s always something to learn.
Good video.

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Nice video and awesome catch’ Always some additional knowledge shared on this site

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Thanks guys. Yeah, I’ll cycle a year around the first of January with the GoPro. I got it for Christmas last year. I’m approaching 40 videos but have been out more than several times where I didn’t catch anything or not enough for a video.

That’s why I love this site! The same pattern that a captain is catching on in Kiawah works up here in Awendaw. And plenty of people like to share information.

I talked to both Lucky Larry 54 and Chris as well as Scott Christian this weekend and they were both hammering them. So, if you can get out there this is the time!

Always enjoy your videos and reports.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Hey Kerry, you have been a big help for Chris and myself with places to fish and getting us over to Summmerhouse Creek. I only had a few spots at Price and now we have more opportunities to find some fish when they are not there… Alone with getting tracks back to Garris Landing recently will be huge with the colder weather coming. What goes around , comes around back to you and you don’t mind helping others. Happy birthday wishes for your wife and many more to come. Hope to see you soon, Larry

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My pleasure helping out. It’s funny how it works. My friend Adam (Awendaw angler on these forums - and who you know from meeting him on my boat) is always studying and reading so he gives me a foot up. I pretty much happen to be the recipient of a bunch of good guys.
Enjoy fishing with and around you two.

Great stuff Kerry! By the way, that’s always good advice for finding trout. Look for a flat that doesn’t go dry at low, that is near deep water (preferably with a hard bottom) and you got yourself a good trout spot.

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Some sage advice from a Trout Tricker!

Well done man, you are getting better and better, with the fishing and the videos:sunglasses:

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