Flatties end of the weekend report

Early morning start around the house while waiting for water to return to Bushy Park. Loaded up around 11:30 and headed to Mid-Tide but managed to make my way out heading to Goose Creek. Tried a few spots and hooked about seven and landed 3 with only one being a keeper

. Dragged one for a few seconds and started fighting one shortly after. I felt there were three flounders in that one cove I fished.
I will not post until the end of each week. Don’t want to flood the site; But with all I’ve been through in the last few months I needed some fishing and thanks to you guy letting me take up some of your time with well wishes and fishing points at times. thanks Stumpknocker, Dfreedom, Optiker and the entire fishing gang whom welcomed me on this site many Moons Ago.


Feel free to post as often as you want!
That’s what the site is all about.


Oh yeah, post em up

Its what keeps the lights on around here, really

Your efforts and willingness to share is exactly what we need anymore.

I love it man. your the GOAT of flounder.

Always look forward for your next post…

Hey Brother. I am living vicariously through your fishing reports. Thanks for reporting!

That’s awesome. I always enjoy your posts.

Seeing FatRat on the waters always makes my day. I appreciate you brother.

You’re the man, sir. I hope to meet you on the water some day.

Catching a flounder when the tide is up in the grass, that’s one I’ve never gotten any good at.

Thank you for supporting the resource and reporting your many successes- those flatties really fire people up!

Have you recaptured any tagged flounder, yours or otherwise? Seems like a good year so far for them!

This past weekend I caught a tagged flounder and have not gotten back the report at this time. This has been a first for me catching a tagged flounder.


Cool! Be sure to follow up with us when you get your report back.

They gave me a nice tee shirt last time i reported a tagged fish along with when, where, and how many times it was caught before

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Once I caught a tagged striper in the mid bay of the Chesapeake that had been tagged in the Hudson River, it was cool to get a written report back on that fish which gave other stats about it

We’ve probably tagged a couple hundred fish over the years. Have only caught one tagged fish myself.
It was out by the jetties in Georgetown.
Redfish around 48 in. Couldn’t read the tag didn’t have any glasses. Just letting back and let him go on his merry way.
But it is pretty cool getting the report back from fishing tag.

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I’ve stuck fish way up in the grass on those really clear slow water moving nights. They will go waaaaay up