Floor caveing in

Who can I call to crawl under my house to inspect and advise me as to what is needed and an estimate on cost to repair?

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Where is the house?

If you are in Charleston, I am an engineer at a small firm that does this stuff all of the time. You can call me at the office at 843-974-5621 - Bill

Dave, Bill I am in North Charleston. What’s the cost of something like this?

16’ Bonito 65 Johnson

That will all be determined by what is the actual problem, and what it will take to remedy…

By your description (not much at all), one could only speculate. Got some pictures of the floor in the house and maybe under it also? What is it made out of? Is the foundation sound?

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Buddy I was mostly asking about the cost of inspection. But, I can give an idea as to what happened. There are no pictures.

  1. First thing we noticed was the floor changed colors in front of the sink and washing machine.
  2. A little while later it started getting kind of soft in spots.
  3. Then I noticed water would puddle in front of the sink when running the water. Cleaned out the cabinet and couldn’t find any kind of leak. Put a sheet of plywood down to keep from sinking in since I’m pushing 270 lol.
  4. Then the floor started swelling and one day I stepped in front of the sink and heard a loud pop and a split second later the floor sunk in.

Why did I wait until now? Well, it started about a year and a half after I lost my job and we were living off a small savings account. Now we are really in a bind and I need to have an idea of what we have to beg for.

16’ Bonito 65 Johnson