Flounder Gigging and Lights

Hey Guys,

Looking for a little help here from pooling all y’alls wisdom and experience.

I used to gig for flounder up in NC about 20 years ago and sure enjoyed it. I used some old home-made submersable lights with regular light bulbs in them like these. We ran them off a deep cycle marine battery and they would last all night (about 4-6 hours). They were pretty clear for seeing fish under the water.

I hear some folks talking about using these new halogen submersable. Would like to hear from anyone that currently uses them. How good are they? How much drain on battery? How clear are they in the water? Anything you know would be greatly appreciated.

Anything you’d like to contribute would be great. I have learned a lot listening to the SC Lowcountry seasoned fishermen here and I know I will appreciate all your responses.

I started off using underwater light . They work fine but tend to drag the bottom when you go shallow .
I now use fluorescent lighting .

I went silent…A/C inverter w/ shop light(s).

I only use one shop light, but I’ve seen others w/ several on thier rig.

Brinkman makes a submersible halogen light that is pretty easy to make into a gigging light. Royall Hardware, next to Haddrell’s Tackle in Mt. P sells them. My battery life with two on one deep cycle is about the same as running a couple incandescent 12v 100 watt bulbs. One thing that makes them better is that they displace less water and aren’t as floaty. I make my lights so they will dislodge when I cram them into a shell bank.

Smart lookin rig right there.

interesting looking rig[:I]

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I like the look of that rig you made!
Halogen sounds like it works pretty well


So how is the clarity without the lights submerged?
Can you still see clearly - I mean in comparison, do you think the non-submerged ones work better in being able to see the flounder clearly??

Is it legal to run a trolling motor while gigging?

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gcreeker…thats a good question.
we used to run them around Topsail Island in NC when I was gigging there…many years ago
don’t know about sc

When the water is clean its like looking in a swimming pool. I run a trolling motor while gigging and also use a battery and an inverter.




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Man, that could light up the Riverdog stadium!!! LOL!


Gonna work on putting together some lights today…thanks for all the great information from all you “ACES”

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So if you text, do I gotta wear shades to gig? :sunglasses::sunglasses:

wow! I have much work to do. I made one of these http://www.thejump.net/fishing/flounder-gigging-rig/flounder-gigging-rig.htm a few years ago. I liked the look of it and it worked well. The only problem is I dropped it after a few beverages one day and snapped the head off of it. Gotta fix that.

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I use three laterns running off hoses to a 20lb tank with no regulator. The yellow tint cuts into the water well.

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