Flounder Pounder - Youngen Style Charters

That day when you felt like you lied to your youngen…today was that day. I told my youngen let’s go catch redfish and she said hold my drink! Well apparently i didn’t get the memo about those flatty’s were thick in our redfish hole today. We watched an osprey pull one from the flat as i was poling us to our destination and i should have took it a little more seriously since that fish was probably pushing 17 inches. Operation Flatty is a go!!!
Youngen Style Charters ain’t no joke! She even let me catch 3 today - pinfish, croaker, and black drum!


You guys are awesome. Really

Everyone that reads and enjoys you posts and all those pictures are envious of not only your fishing skills but your relationship with each other.

I know I am. Thanks for taking the time to post 'em up

U know we serious when we both got the same awful foot tan. We putting in that work on the water not so much on our tan lines tho.

Looks like a great day! Mud minnows under a cork?

Arties for all flounder and red, shrimp for the black drum

Nice. Y’all got skills!

Oh boy… I heard of several flatties getting hooked right there in bushy yesterday too… y’all are killing me… I love it!

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Pretty work!!

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