Flushing from Thermostats

I’ve got the lower unit off and would like to clear out as much junk as I can while I’m replacing the impeller. I know I can push water up the tube that connects to the water pump to clear out any debris. Can I also remove the thermostats and run water into the block from that direction as well? I ran aground a few days ago and clogged up the tell-tale with sand. Now I’d like to clear everything out before I crank it back up. Any other suggestions for a deep clean of the cooling passages? Thanks!

are you doing all this b/c you ran aground? didnt you run back in after you became ungrounded? if you did run in, you will have flushed the debris out already

I’ve seen a person hit a sandbar and get thrown foward punching the throttle all the way forward sucking up a bunch of sand. This was in the Edisto which seems to have a larger grain sand than other rivers around the Lowcountry. The motor was packed tight. It had to be taken apart to be cleaned.

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As I was coming in the overheat alarm came on and it stopped pissing. I stopped, let it cool down, then cranked it back up and limped to the dock with no stream. The alarm didn’t come back on. I hooked it up to the muffs and could still get no stream so I figured I’d break it down and make sure I hadn’t damaged the impeller; it was time to be replaced anyway. I took out the hose from the block to the tell-tale exit and it was filled with sand. Now I want to go ahead and rinse everything out while i can since I’ve done this much.

I’ve cleaned out that hose before and have hooked the motor back to the muffs and it relieved enough pressure to push the rest of the sand out.

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it always helps to know what we are working on

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wow - you really packed it up. i run through stuff all the time and never get it packed like that. i think…

good on you for pulling it apart

I’ve always had a pretty carefree attitude about it myself, in fact this is the first time I’ve inspected that tube because I’ve never had any problems before. Now I’m turning myself into a neat-freak when it comes to cleaning it all out because I realized how much junk actually flows through my motor.

definately not gonna hurt to pull the t-stats and run the motor.
just becareful you dont shock yourself with the plug wires
it hurts, trust me.
I have, I mean this guy I know has done it a few time, and he tells me its painful

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Haha, thanks for the warning.