fly fishing for redfish

looking to get into fly fishing for redfish. I have tons of freshwater experience fly fishing the appalachian mountains for various trout species. How much different is it in the saltwater realm??

At least an 8 wt. rod needed, and hunting redfish is sight fishing in flooded grass-40’-60’ accurate casts necessary. My experience is also trout fishing, in North Georgia.

Bob Sharpe

If you don’t already have the Double Haul skillset, I recommend you learn it and get confident. Wind will kick your butt and you will need the extra distance. You will have it right when you can false cast and shoot to your backing

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Saltwater might just ruin you for freshwater…just saying, be prepared! Its extremely exciting. Yes, some guys use 7wts, but its not recommended. Most of the fish you target will be sight fishing in very shallow water. No reason to over exert the fish and kill it for no reason. 8-9wt is ideal for getting the fish in quickly.

As for flies, go see the pros at Charleston Angler. They are a ton of help and wealth of information to get started on. On the high tide marsh flats, use crabs, shrimp, small bait patterns. Their copperhead crab is a high tide redfish slayer. In the winter time, we get excellent schools of reds in the low tide mud flats. The very low water in the cold months tends to be a few degrees warmer and the fish will school up there in numbers to stay warm and protected from predators. I like a mud minnow pattern in that scenario, but its like anything, the fish bite different things on different days for different reasons. Its addicting!!

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I like doing it from a kayak. You can cover more ground and not as tide dependent. Very different from stalking the super tides though.