Fly Fishing in hell

Couple weeks ago I headed up to Beaufort NC with Mike, Toothless, Nut and Pat. We also met up with some guys off a couple other fly fishing sites for what was dubbed as Fat Tire Fest. In short, 30 or so fly anglers talking, drinking, tying and of course chasing albies. This was during what the weather channel had dubbed the “Atlantic Assault.”

In short, this was fly fishing hell. It was cold, wet, rough seas and VERY windy. During the entire trip the fish did not want to cooperate. Despite this, Mike and I both managed a fish on the next to last day. On the day we were to leave the weather finally broke. We each managed a fish before we had to leave for Chucktown and Mike broke another off about 5 mins into the fight. In all a great trip and met a lot of great guys.

Thanks again to Jerms who let Mike and I use his boat while he was away. Looking forward to hitting it again next year with the Warfare’s true captain aboard.

Watching the wildlife waiting for a blitz


great pics and read SG! looks like a killer house yall are in…mo better than the Harkers Is Fishing center i betcha…we had a puzzle framed as out art and a Nemo shower curtain… for gettin drunk/sleepin at a marina it isn’t too bad.
glad to see yall managed a few in that mess.

Glad to see you didnt have to bag the trip and you stuck it out…I see you must have talked to scotty about fly selection before you left that olive white was on fire!!

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dang dude, all these awesome pictures about killed my computer. good to hear yall nailed em

Sharing the stoke
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I didn’t know Bam Margera was a fly fisherman!

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