Fly Line - Sharkwave/Sharkskin

Anybody have experience using SA’s Sharkwave or Sharkskin for warm and cold water fishing? If so what taper/style do you use?

i use a 5 wt sharkline…think its the ultimate trout. got it on a 5wt rod. casts fine. used last year summer-fall. haven’t used in really cold water yet, but its a trout line so im sure itll be fine.

I used the SA shark wave saltwater line for a long time and loved it. I threw it at most flats species around here all the way down to the Bahamas and loved it. Caught bonefish, snook, tarpon, reds, trout and it’s by far one of my favorite lines to use. The shark wave line isn’t to bad when the water gets cold either, it doesn’t coil up a ton and get tangled like most lines. My favorite thing about this line is how easy it is to cast a fly so delicately with it. I am able to cast this line and have it lay over lightly without slapping the water. I highly recommend the line

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