Fly reel advice

So I have had the same setup for a few years now. TFO rod with Lamson Konic 3.5 reel. Love both and would buy the same again if the reel hadn’t been replaced in the line. So my question is this, I want to get a second reel (since a spare spool is no longer available) for maybe a sink tip setup or sinking line altogether. What would be a similar reel to what I have that someone can attest to? Is the Lamson Liquid worth a try? I would use it on the same rod and just change it out as conditions dictated. Thanks.

As a follow up, since I didn’t want to clutter things with another topic, would y’all prefer a 9wt or a 10wt? Currently have an 8 and thinking about stepping up since I am in the market for a new reel anyway. So having an 8 should I go to a 9 or all the way to a 10. Mainly want it for the surf.

I have 8, 9 & 10 wt rods and all can be useful depending on how big the flies are you want to throw, and to some extent the fish you want to target.

It’s certainly easier to get some distance with a 10 wt line, compared to the lighter choices when the winds are blowing more than you like, particularly if you’re tossing big flies.

I have one of the earliest Lamson reels, before Waterworks, so have been a fan of Lamson for a long time. I have an LP 2, which I use on a 6 wt, but don’t use it in saltwater. I have used it in brackish water in the past.

I currently have an Allen Kraken #4 on my 10 wt, and have been extremely pleased with it. So, you might take a look at Allen reels, and you can get spare spools for them. :smiley:

Those Allen reels look really good. I like that they are able to be spooled with 3 line weights, which gives me some options. I don’t think I have heard of those reels u til you mentioned them. Definitely be looking into to those. What rod do you have it on?

Allen has been around for several years. The owners post often on some fly fishing sites that I frequent, and they back up their products. They’re people who have a great product and they’re also anglers who will talk to their customers & potential customers. They also carry hooks, beads, coneheads and some other tying supplies, and I’ve been very pleased with those as well. I’ve not had any issues myself, but from what I’ve heard from others, they have first class customer service too as far as backing their products. I also have no affiliation with them other than being very happy with what I’ve bought from them. My reel arrived in 3 days after it was ordered! :smiley:

I have the Kraken on a TFO Lefty Kreh Signature II Series rod. TFO has a “better” line of rods, but I’ve found the Kreh series to be very dependable, and not as costly. I have them in 8 wt’s too, and also have their finesse series in 3 & 4 wt.

I own about 16 fly rods in various weights, and although I’ve only used that reel on my one 10 wt, I have a couple of 9 wt’s I may try it on. I bought 2 Redington Crosswater, the first was for my son, and I liked it so much I bought a second for myself, primarily as a backup. I also have an older Diamondback, and I recently picked up an Eagle Claw S Curve in 9 wt, but have not used it yet.

You can spool any reel with different weight lines, but it’s going to affect the amount of backing. I don’t know why Allen lists them as they do, for 3 lines, and it wasn’t even something I considered. I use my rods primarily for bass, and Striped Bass, with occasional trips to the coast. I’ve never had a fish on in all the years I’ve fly fished where I got into the backing, and I’ve caught Stripers up to 30". I like having plenty of backing, but unless I was fishing for Cobia, or Tarpon, or some other fish that might get well into the backing, any reel I’ve ever bought had more backing capacity than I needed.

The newer orvis hydros SL is a good real for about $200

I have 3 Lamson Waterworks that are 5-7 years old and they are great reels, have not shopped fly reels in a while so not familiar with their newest stuff. I do want to say Lamson is rock solid when it comes to customer service and warranty. I had a self imposed (user screwup) problem with a new Waterworks, called Lamson and told them what happened and they said just send it to us so I did. No charge for repair or shipping and had it back to me in about 10 days.