fly rod and reel recommendations

Have rods for freshwater trout fishing but plan to start to do some salt water fly fishing. Need recommendations for rod and reel. moderate price
Whatever that is

For the salt I suggest a 8wt rod and a reel that has a real drag. Unless you are chasing poon or AJ’s or bones you don’t need a monster drag but it is nice to have…

Moderate price rods I would look at TFO, Redington ( The Preadator rods are freakin awesome) and some of the new Sage rods ( Approach )A good rod does make a difference and makes casting easier, of course the better the graphite/carbon the more you will pay but there are still good quality rods that will not break the bank…

For reels of course my favorite the Okuma SLV, some of the 1800 series Sage reels or even the redington Rise Reels will do ya. Of course a Hatch or a Tibor or a High end Hardy will have a lifetime warranty and will make up for the initial cost in the long run but you can get by with lower end reels…

Line: Don’t get skimpy here… a Rio Redfish is about $75 and is worth every penny… a crappy line on a $1,000 set up will drive you crazy while a good line on a $300 set up will make it sing like a $1,000 set up :wink:

Stop by the Lowcountry Fly Shop and we’ll get ya outfitted… :wink:

“Paddle faster boys… I hear banjo music!”
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Tarpon 160os

I have the 7wt version of that rod… That’s a pretty good deal on it too…

“Paddle faster boys… I hear banjo music!”
Charleston Director-
Tarpon 160os

I was thinking that was a pretty good deal, but I don’t need another rod … haha

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I sell ya a tfo cheap with a reel since I just bought a hardy proaxis and nautilus

I like tfo. thats what i have for freshwater trout. but rapchizzle is gonna give me a guide trip in my boat(im kind of a newbee to salt) plus split the beer with me for his st croix:smiley:

Rich Chesser
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