fly shop in columbia?

I was searching for a fly shop in Columbia and cannot find one on the intranet. Does anybody know if there is one that exists. Thanks!

You can try to consignment shop behind Sportsman…Catch and Release. They have just about everything. I’m not into to fly fishing but it seemed last time I was in there they had somethings. Worth a shot. If not they could at least point you in the right direction. What are you looking for specifically?

I’m just going to be headed up there on Saturday morning for a meeting and then was going to try and fish for the rest of the day. I have fished up there below the dam and caught some trout but i was just looking for a quick not too heavily fished area to wade. Fly shops are always a good place to start for that in a new area…

Post this in the striper forum. They know the area really well.

Barrens off of harden street. Go in and talk to Jake.

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I echo what Bulldog suggested. Barrens and Jake. He is a very now knowledgeable young man who guides on the Lower Saluda and Broad as well, I believe. I met him on the Saluda one day and then again at a SRTU meeting. Very helpful.

Bwahahaha…Columbia all around sucks in the fly fishing supply arena.

If you know what you’re wanting…Holler at the Lowcountry Fly Shop and you’ll have it in less than 2 days.

Last time I was in Barron’s there was a lot of fly stuff on clearance…and there isn’t a whole lot in there to begin with.

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The Trout Unlimited Group use Fly South / Johnny Butler. He stocks fly gear, at his garage/home. He has local water knowledge, quality hand tied flies & fly equipment. A mail or pick up business for over 15 years. The Sportsman Warehouse / Harbierson area have some fly tackle, but not very complete. Go to the TU meeting and meet a serious group of good local fly fishermen. TU Saluda River Chapter.
The owner of Low Country Fly Shop use to live in Columbia. That is the first place to start if you are of the Charleston Area.