Flys For Sale!!

I have been tying lots of flies recently and I am running out of money to buy material. I am 14 and was looking to make money as I go. So I am selling some flies because I got soo many laying around in my room.
Please help out and buy some. I am willing to drop them off at your house or meet you somewhere. (some of these patterns are not original i have copied flies people have shown me such as “mad mike” and other local fly shop) my cell (843) 708-2846

crab1 $2.00

crab2 $2.00

crab3 $2.00

crab4 $3.00

crab5 $2.00

Mike Benson’s mud minnow $2.50

Baitfish (i have various colors menhaden mullet ect.) $4.00

crab6 $3.00

clouser $2.00

blue crab $3.00


look at you pickin up one the craft, told ya you would catch on quickly

Those are some nice lookin flies man! Put me together a sampling of them, say about $25 worth of em and I’ll get em from ya this weekend. Have sort of hung up the buggy whip over the years, but know some folks who would love em as presents!

Russ B. Formerly known here as “Top2Bottom1”
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hey Russ ill put u together some redfish flies for u!


thanks simon u taught me alot! thanks!!!