Foggy report

I went out fishing on Friday as well as Sunday. Friday was beautiful but only a few crappie. I was able to cook some deer fajitas on the boat for lunch, that me and the pooch enjoyed. Sunday weather was incredibly foggy and rained ALLLL day, but ended up with spotted bass, brim, and striper. I had family in town and they wanted crappie, so that was the target. Plus, i’m able to hide from the rain under bridges when i crappie fish. We sat under the bridge for hours with not much luck, and decided to pack up and try another spot, out of the protection of our bridge. as soon as we pulled out from the bridge, the spotted bass were jumping all around so i tied on a couple top water poppers onto my ultra lights and it was on. i was able to keep them on the bass for an hour or so of almost non-stop action. weather started getting worse so we decided to start to head back, but couldnt even plane off due to the excessive fog, so we decided to just troll some u-rigs most of the way home. we ended up hooking into a few schoolies for a little extra fun. all in all, super calm lake and had a good time showing some out-of-towners some new ways of fishing.

This was Friday. I kept having fish come up and look at my bait but nothing would take it. I had a few short strikes that killed my bait, but that was it. I tried live, cut, free lines, down lines. no takers.


overall sounds like fun

Pioneer 197SF

Got a stove just like that , love to fix kabasa and fried bread and a few sautied onions, the smell sure brings in other boaters!