Foggy Solo Trip w/o Youngen Style 1-27-24

So for those of you that wonder where Youngen Style gets that ability to catch quality fish, it comes from my DNA!!! She spent the night with a friend and i sent a feeler text out this a.m. and found out she was spending the night again…so i did what any one of you would do, hook the boat up and head out without mentioning the word “Fushin”
Managed to locate them right off the rip and started beating the water with arties and finally started to make it happen. The smaller fish i hooked into came from the arties but these 2 nice reds came from shrimp. Just cast where those fish were staging and wait for it. Biggest was 30" and the beautiful blue tailed bandit was 26". I realized today fishing solo and no type of recording apparatus my pics suck…plus reeling them in one handed while holding my phone to record for Tiktok made my boys get a deep spread with that rod butt. But if you want to go viral you do what you have to do and suck it up. No pain no gain!!!


Nice reds. How’d you get a hold of live shrimp? You track them down in the creeks or you know somewhere selling them?

Nice work!!!

Good stuff bud! Looks like you got a handle on it pretty well. The day ended up really nice when the sun poked its head out once in a while

Nice read i need to get out this week on into next week.