Foggy Sunday

Sunday morning was foggy and damp, but the fishing was on fire! Water muddy from the rain and warmer temps in the upper 50’s everywhere. Slip bobbers working the grass and c rigs on bottom under docks kept us busy with cut shrimp. Needed a flatty to get the full slam, but it didnt happen this trip. Had a little bit of everything small until the drag peelers showed up and made the day. The water temps had em pumped up I believe.


Black drum for the wildcard slam!

Nice catchin stump, you and Ricky both have me beat on # fish caught in ‘24

Way to go Stump!!

Nice work!!!

Every time I read a post like this, I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Any tips for choosing your spots? I’ve been to inshore seminars and have read quite a few sources. I truly believe that 90% of inshore fishing is knowing how to find them.


Welcome aboard mate.
You’re right,gotta be at the right place at the right time.
You heard what stump said about the docks.
Anyway,looking forward to seeing some reports from you

Welcome aboard as well.

Try something like ride around at dead low and take pics amd look for and mark spots/docks/osyter beds, feeder creeks, depth changes, other structure… look for areas where there are multiple items on the list in an area…

Mostly a lot of trial and error too. Put in the time. Troll. Hire a guide. Use google maps.

Hopefully that gets you going.

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Keep moving until you find them. Find a handful of locations that produce fish. Never spend more than twenty minutes in one spot if there’s no bite. That’s my theory!

Way to go Stump got up and the wind was a bit hi and change my mind and slipped back into a warm bed of movies and wine. Lost a couple anchors last week catfishing and should be back with versatility this week in case the flounders not doing anything. Offshore Thursday and pumped for that.