Folly Inshore

Headed down to Folly for family vacation this weekend and would like to put all the kids on some fish. Never really spent any time in the creeks around Folly, so was hoping for a few pointers or at least areas to try. Will have my 21’ skiff and plan to target trout, reds, flounder, whiting and sharks for the kids. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome pork chop! Reports are our life blood here. Send plenty with photos! Believe it or not , we discuss pork chop sandwiches on here often.
Nice to have you on board!

And oh yes. Deep soptzinder the bridge work great. Try to use live bait shallow along the grass edges and big chunk s of cut fish and cut crab deep

Thanks for the info! Not new to the board, but for some reason it didn’t recognize my email and I got tired of trying to figure out my PW and UN so just created a new one… Will post some pics next week or the following.

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Soak some cut mullet or crab near some of the docks and you should find something to catch!

Also, check your messages :+1:

stono inlet between bird key and kiawah an hour each side of low tide for whiting and sharks, the channel hugs the kiawah side but anywhere in the deep will work.

flounder, reds, and trout on kings flats just inshore and north of there and over to the cole creek area behind bird key. whole place has gotten WAY too popular so i’m not sure how good it is anymore, beautiful cruise and close to everything though. same for green creek back on the stono if it’s windy elsewhere.

for manmade structure: the docks on the right at the top of the straightaway north of the bridge as it takes the left turn into “the narrows” as suggested above

for a little more “natural” layout: the creeks around sol legare to bowen’s island to crosby’s are less crowded and developed.

alright, now you owe us some reports! y’all have fun!

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Awesome, thank you so much! I definitely owe you/yall! Hope to post some pics of big smiles!

This time of the year there will be some BIG black tip sharks around Stono inlet. Use either a live pin fish or mullet with a long steel leader and hang on.! Don’t be afraid to use a big hook and a large bait!

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Do “FLYS” hang around a BIG BLACK TOP SHARK?

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I don’t think any medicine will help you with that.

Pork chop, I apologize for the misplaced reply to your post. There is no excuse for anyone to foul your thread in this manner. Good luck fishing Folly. It was once my home and I caught lots of fish there.

Porkchop, that info Bwang gave you was good stuff. Don’t hessitate to follow him exactly and I feel sure you’ll catch fish.

Don’t pay attention to the troublemakers. Use the Ignore feature when you can and good luck! Looking forward to a report!

The 2 boat-access-only beaches that are family friendly are:

The inside strip of Kiawah (been a while for me, pretty sure it’s still legit to hang out near the little creek?)


The lighthouse creek side of Morris, which is where my wife’s family has gone since the lightkeeper lived next to it with goats in the yard. The aforementioned narrows in that direction are a good reason to chat up somebody heading that way and fall in behind them, especially at low tide while laying down a track line and looking around to mark things that can get sneaky at higher water. It’s worth it though!

I used to put my boat in at the Sol Laegree landing about 10 minutes down the road from Folly. It wasn’t as congested. Bu that was long ago . It’s like an 8 mile ride to the 4 KI reef. Lots of Spanish mac’s and kings and a whole lot of cudas

Sol Lagre was recently redone and looks like a nice ramp. A friend rented a house on Sol Lagre road last weekend and I went to check out the ramp. The road and the ramp are a lot nicer than they were 15 years ago last time I used them.

Went to the lighthouse beach last year and it’s great for kids. Unfortunately no goats! There were a bunch of boats on beaches along tip of Kiawah over memorial day weekend when I rode by on the boat so it’s still popular.

It’s been a while for me. I used to love to see those goats. We would get a big bag of movie house popcorn and walk across the island and make a popcorn trail. Then when we would walk back we would see the goats somewhere eating the popcorn. I remember once going out of Stono inlet and put 2 lines in with big metal Hopkins spoons in and planned to troll to The 4KI reef. We Caught jack crevalls cudas and king macs and never made it to the reef. I don’t think we went 109 yards without catching a fish. I kept my boat at the folly marina. I hear that’s gone now

Alright folks, I promised an update, so here it is! Only got to go fishing twice and here are my excuses:

  1. tides weren’t in my favor
  2. winds were whipping last week
  3. trolling motor had trouble holding in the wind and kept getting a bad connection so it wasn’t trustworthy

Tried the docks north of the bridge to Folly and caught a few little fish on bottom rigs. Something kept eating my mud minnows on a weighted freeline, but could never get it on the hook, guessing crabs or pickers. Tried soaking some cut bait there too without success. Moved up to Kings Flat/Robbins creek area to hit a few oyster beds, but only found small pickers there too. Tide got high and we ran out of time so called it a day.

Second trip took the kids and just went to the inlet btw bird key and kiawah. Caught a lot of whiting which was great for the kids. They had a blast and so did I. Kept a couple for breakfast. Apparently my inlaws think it’s weird to eat fish and grits for breakfast but that’s what I grew up on.

So not a whole lot to report unfortunately and was too busy to get pics of the smiles/whiting.

One question for the board though: What’s the deal with the crabs in Charleston? I don’t think I’ll drag my traps down anymore in the summer. I remember growing up the crabbing being good in the mid-late summer. We do really well with them in Edisto in October, but we caught 1 clawless stone and 1 small blue crab all week. Others I spoke to said the same. Is it the Charleston area, is it the commercial guys, is it timing, is it the spots I’m choosing? Frustrating.

Thanks for all of your help and input, it’s very much appreciated!

The crabs are out in the ocean. The recent heavy rain pushed them into saltier water.